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Knight Errant

The mark of a mature man is a certain scar he bears

Sir Alahn
13 August 1992


Knight errant. Aspiring writer. Student. This is my personal blog; thus, most of the posts will be private or friend-locked. Some things will be cross-posted from my official writing blog, which you can find here. I also have a Tumblr.

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abnormal psychology, addictions psychology, age of imperialism, aion, alcohol, alien, altered books, androgyny, animated movies, anime, antitheism, astrology, astronomy, atheism, atheist spirituality, autism, autumn, avatar, bdsm, being a gentleman, bibliophilia, biology, books, borderlands 2, chandler bing, clerics, clockpunk, cooking, critiquing, crocheting, cultural studies, d&d, danielle bennett, dark erotica, dark fantasy, demisexuality, dinosaurs, drawing, drow, editing, egalitarian, elves, epic, erotica, etymology, evolution, faeries, fairy tales, fantasy, folklore, forgotten realms, foxes, friends, gaelic, gaming, gardening, geishas, gender and sex, genderfuck, george rr martin, good omens, guild wars 2, gun rights, halloween, havemercy, history, horror, imogen heap, inception, introverts, jacqueline carey, jaida jones, james enge, katie waitman, kinks, kinky sex, knights, lgbtq, liberal, literature, manga, metafiction, michael buble, mmos, monsters, morlock the maker, multiplicity, music, mythology, nanowrimo, neil gaiman, new girl, old bookstores, pansexuality, pern, philosophy, poppy z. brite, pro-choice, queen, queer theory, quiet places, r. a. salvatore, random facts, ray bradbury, reading, rpgs, sadism, sarah monette, sarcasm, schadenfreude, science fiction, scott lynch, secondhand lions, smut, snark, sourcebooks, space, starcraft ii, steampunk, storms, string theory, summer, swearing, swords, synaesthesia, tarot cards, tea, the great gatsby, the hunger games, tolkien, toxicology, transexual, transgender, tutoring, urban fantasy, vampires, villains, webcomics, welsh corgis, wings, world building, world war ii, wreck-it ralph, writing, xenomorphs, yaoi, yautja, zerg


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